Party, impromptu performance

Went to a friends 21st birthday party, and when someone saw me playing with my cards (due to boredom) they asked if I could do any card tricks, this was then followed by them introducing me to everyone with “watch this” and then I was performing some of my card routines, all in all the tricks were received extremely well, not one person caught any of the sleights, including a self confessed card shark (that was the highlight of my night). In fact a large number asked if I performed magic professionally, this pleased me greatly as it means all the hard work I’ve put in has paid off.

Dynamo stealing Criss Angels thunder?

I’m sure many people have seen the Dynamo clip of him walking across the thames, in fact around christmas of last year there was a countdown of the 50 greatest magic tricks on tv where Dynamo’s take on the trick was featured though Criss Angel who has achieved this fete TWICE in his career both years before Dynamo had even been discovered. Now surely the person who performed the same illusion BEFORE Dynamo should be receiving the credit for this amazing illusion?

 Criss Angel walking across lake mead 2008Dynamo walking on the thames 2011